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Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Venice

Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Venice

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Not many things in the world can beat the buzz of the water taxi from Marco Polo to the center of town. We had arranged to stay in an apartment near the Ponte dei Greci, a delightful neighborhood set 10 minutes back from St. Mark’s Square and a ten-minute cut through to the Rialto.

We ended up in a fabulous palazzo built around 1550 by the Cubli family. It’s run by Roberta, a charming woman who in between managing the Palazzo was also a local Venetian guide.  Venice is a great city to get lost in but if you’ve only got a short while, Roberta will get you to all the right spots.

I adore Venice in the winter; we took the Vaporetto, It’s expensive at €7 for 60 minutes, so if you can skip it, it’s more fun to walk, get lost and discover. Even if you take my advice and get lost, these are 5 destinations in Venice that you should make a point to find:

  1. Bacari. Venice does wine well; spending your entire trip with a wine glass permanently attached to your lips is an idea worth considering. That’s Venice provides a good guide to Bacari, Venice wine barsrialto-fish-market
  2. Rialto Fish Market. The Pescheria has been THE place to get fish since the 1000s. Even if you’re not in the market for fish, you should head to the Rialto Fish Market for the people watching.  DSC_5114
  3. Jewish Ghetto in Cannaregio.  Next year is the 500th Anniversary of the Jewish ghetto and it was just announced that the historical area will be revitalized in a $12 Million dollar project.
  4. Marco Polo Airport Water bus (vaporetto)  €15 will get you from the terminals to Venice. Need at least two people! If you’re traveling solo (does anyone travel to Venice solo?) it’s the perfect excuse to make friends on the plane!
  5. Santa Maria della Salute. Completed in 1687 – you can just call it the “Salute” or health.  It was built after the plague took out a third of Venice’s population.