When Different Languages Speak Volumes

I just recently attended a language convention in Chicago. It was the national convention for teachers who teach foreign languages. Teaching in itself is an amazing profession. You become an influencer you create curiosity, and you teach tolerance. We work in partnership with educators, across-the-board. Teachers of math, teachers of science, teachers of language, teachers […]

The Lovely World Travel Market, WTM

Every year, I go to the World Travel Market, WTM, in London. It’s a fabulous journey in more ways than one. I take the underground, and if the day is nice, I usually begin my WTM adventure by taking the cable car renamed the “London Cable Car”that soars across East London with views looking along […]

Peter in malta

Malta? I Missed You!

It’s been some years since I was in Malta and think I missed the whole island last time I was there. Shame on me! Holidays with the kids!   So, we had planned a conference in Jordan but with the situation in the Middle East we had to pick an alternative.  Malta was our choice! […]

African American Museum

Washington…The African American Museum Blew me Away

A weekend in DC… It’s an iconic city. The monuments and the mall. The white house. The Capitol building. I think of great iconic cities. Paris, London, Rome, Athens, Barcelona.  They all have their iconic sights. Sagrada Familia, The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Acropolis and the Colosseum.  And here I am standing by the […]

Ukraine in 2018

Ukraine – My experience

I was in Ukraine in 2018. Of all things I want to see a champions league final game. The city was beautiful. The monastery in the old town. The people were great. Who would have thought or known that time that Ukraine would become a country under siege. I remember we drove down to Odessa, […]

Peter on the go

Mindful Travel Reflections: Part 1

Travel is always on my mind. Jumping on an airplane. Carbon footprint. Heading into a place that is unstable. Why do we travel, however uncomfortable? Thing is. We do. Maybe because our tourist dollars are needed just as much as aid. It’s never an easy choice but travelers are also time travelers. We head back […]


I Love in London Theatres

Imagine going to see a play in London about two guys who meet in a park with their dogs. Famous actors, Ian McKellen and Roger Allam and they fall in love. I get to have my ice cream at intermission. A thing I love in London theatres. And at the end of the performance there were […]

Oslo, Norway

Norway and Herring Culture

It’s been a while… I am more of a sardine person. I admire the herring culture but have rarely succumbed to it. Starting with weather. Usually always less than optimal but with more warnings about sun damage and not withstanding lack of opportunities for solar development it might have possibilities. But, it’s basically crap. Quality […]