How do you Read When you Travel?

I am always looking around on the plane or by the beach to see how people read when traveling. Paperbacks, hard backs (yep some people like to carry those bricks around with them) and iPad kindle or I phone. I usually carry three types. Never hard back. And lately when I travel, I try to grab a kids book of the places I am visiting.

Kids books are beautifully curated and have pictures or illustrations. They put their elders to shame. I don’t take guide books because they are so heavy. And often I only need 10 pages. My favorite book is VivaVenice. A perfect curation of Venice through the ages.

At the beach a Kindle is tricky. Sun and sand and water not helpful. I don’t like reading on my phone but I carry the kindle app on iPad and phone just in case. I buy books at airport if they are exclusive. Not out in USA. And they’re good! As a testament to airports the sale of paper backs at airports is still considerable. I guess the most important thing of all is to read. I am re-reading Harry Potter with the grandkids. As they say…I couldn’t put it down.

Happy reading.

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