Ukraine in 2018

Ukraine – My experience

I was in Ukraine in 2018. Of all things I want to see a champions league final game. The city was beautiful. The monastery in the old town. The people were great. Who would have thought or known that time that Ukraine would become a country under siege.

I remember we drove down to Odessa, the port city, and a beautiful city with an opera house, beaches, and a funky cable car that looked as though it was going to come off of its hinges. We did it all! The restaurants were great, and the view out to the black sea, which is now a battleground was amazing.  I think Odessa gets attacked every other night because of its strategic importance. It seems extraordinary to me .A place that we strolled around. Extraordinary to think that this place is under siege every night.

We crossed into Transnistria, a semi Russian enclave with plastic money and no real identity. We got nabbed by a Transnistrian , Police Officer for speeding on beautiful  roads with no cars!!  He charged us €50 cash and wanted his picture taken. Lenin statues, tanks and Soviet armory amidst Ukrainian heroes all around us. A place you would love to go to. But you can’t.

I think of all the people I met. Wonder where they are now. The tragedy and futility of war.

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