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Reflections on the Pandemic: The Office

Some people were born to be remote workers. They wake up, make some coffee, have good Wi-Fi, and then drift off to a room that is all kitted-out for a virtual office. They love the non-existent commute and they’re very self-motivated. They don’t miss the socializing in the office. Type B people…highly focused, not attention seekers. The money and time they save on lunches and travel alone means that they actually make more than all of us. In addition, babysitting becomes less of an issue.

I really had thought of what it would be like to be a remote worker – to not have the buzz of the office, the people smiling as I grab my morning coffee at Flour Bakery, the impromptu meetings, the beer after work, the buzz of the city. I just really couldn’t imagine myself being in that world of the remote workers. But…here I am tapping away, sitting on Zoom, and looking out the window. I am now one of them, a remoter, and it feels weird.

When I closed my office in mid-March, we all became affiliates of the remote club. Little did we know how long it would last. There are some people who never really get comfortable with working from home (literally and metaphorically). And there are some people who just simply find it so easy that they never want to return to the office. In fact, you may have to plead with them to come back.

Over the course of the pandemic calendar, one word gives it away…remote. I feel a bit remote. I miss the buzz and banter. I miss the innovation and creativity that often comes about through this buzz and banter. I miss the faces. I miss the city a little bit – probably because I’m not a rural guy – but I’ve adjusted to the sounds of hearing coyotes in the evening and wondered at the miracle of dragonflies and bats. And I wonder when the world will return to normal. And then I think that this is normal now; dragonflies are beautiful, bats eat mosquitoes, and maybe I’m going mad!

2019: Another Exciting Year Ahead

As we welcome in the new year and begin our preparations for another exciting season of travel, I wanted to celebrate an extraordinary year full of adventures and accomplishments.

Together, we have traveled the globe, touched all seven continents, and as a result, of our unique partnership with teachers and students, I’d like to think that the world is in a better place. My personal adventures have taken me throughout Europe – including Ukraine, Transnistria, and Moldova – and I stood as close as you possibly can to the center of the North Pole. I’ve traveled throughout the USA and across the southern borders to Mexico and the northern borders to Canada. Every moment of every day I am traveling, I feel like a kid in a candy store.

How lucky we are to be able to share our passion for travel with students and teachers. How lucky we are to discover new places and discover new dimensions and new aspects to old places. I live in Boston, one of the great student capitals of the world. I get to walk to work through some of America’s most historical sites, grab a coffee close to the Freedom Trail, and wonder why on earth the Brits gave it away!

As we begin our 2019 season, there is a sense of destiny about travel. Encouraging students to reach for the stars, to see the world in real time, is already an extraordinary accomplishment. Hats off to our teachers who are our pied pipers leading groups throughout the world, making the world a better place, and providing a rich and authentic tapestry so that students can begin their personal journey with knowledge, humility, and a sense of openness.

I often think about what travel has meant to me through the years. It helps me see clearly, it provides sensitivity and tolerance to my thinking, and it makes me smile. This is what we do. This is who we are. The team of people who work with me, the teachers who travel with us, and the students who go on to teach us things that we did not even know about ourselves. It sounds corny to even think that this can all be achieved in three to nine days of travel, but these experiences really are the stuff that dreams are made of. Travel makes us better. In a tiny, little way, it helps make the place we come from a better place, and the place we visit a better place. It’s not a lot but it’s better than not. That is why we do what we do.

Welcome to 2019.