When Will The Airlines Learn Good Business?

The other day while experiencing a 7.5-hour delay at the airport for a flight from New York to Boston, the loudspeaker message came over stating they were looking for passengers prepared to take an alternative flight for a credit voucher on the same airline.  Let the buyer beware, as we know with United Airlines, it’s not just good enough to say that you’re not interested, you are actually playing a game of poker with them.  They’re offering you money but if nobody takes it then they double the money.  If nobody takes it, they pick four unsuspecting people with no compensation and drag them off of the plane head first.  It’s already bad enough having to deal with bad attitudes and entrenched values on traditional carriers such as United Airlines and American Airlines.  But now we have to deal with the possibility that they can drag you off of the plane.  I guess these big carriers have not seen what is under that tiny tip of an iceberg floating in a sea of air transportation called JetBlue and Norwegian Air.  A warning to United…being competitive with JetBlue doesn’t work by removing the first three letters of your name.  You tried that (Ted Airlines) and it did not work.  A warning to American…receiving the reward for the worst airline two years in a row is not an accolade.  Jesus, you’d think these guys would learn.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, here you go…

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