tips at the register

To TIP or Not to TIP? That is the Question.

tips at the register
Tips at the register

Someone once told me that TIPS is a an acronym meaning, “To Insure Prompt” service. It’s actually a backronym! In other words, the word existed, and we gave it a retro meaning that fits the word.

Tips is an old English slang word used among criminals in the 1600’s meaning to give, to hand to pass. Nothing to do with prompt service.

tips at the register

Which brings me to present day. What is with the shaming screen! You know. I want a cappuccino and a muffin. I pay by TAP or credit card and suddenly the screen shows me 4 options. 15% , 20% or 25% or…no tip!

There’s someone looking at the screen right behind me. But hang on, there was no extra service here. It is a grab and go. I’m not sitting down and the wait person is simply enabling the machine to take my money. The TIP jar , long gone, with the zero cash world, means I have to make a split-second decision. Are you generous, slightly cheap, very cheap or a total cheapskate?

So, we all press the button that is the higher amount than we would usually leave if it were cash. And who benefits? Macro wise, the stores. They can continue to pay lower by the hour salaries knowing that wages will be super supplemented. By us!

Except, Dunkin Donuts…They never ask for a tip. Wish I liked the coffee! And neither do places in Europe. It’s already embedded into the cost.

I like to tip. But, I also wonder why I am being asked to tip on a transaction at a register. I do tip, but it seems I am being asked to do the job of the employer and get the average per hour wage up to something that looks civilized.

Hang on. I thought it was To Insure Prompt Service. Yeah right!

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