Over the past few months, I have been back and forth across the country, across the Atlantic and crossed a few borders during the Covid restrictive era.  Now, we are seeing the windows opening, the snow melting, and the restrictions being rolled back.  Covid rates are dropping, vaccine (percentages are at an all-time high), and what didn’t seem possible just a few weeks ago, now seems in the cards.  Travel is about to return!

There are still hurdles and country requirements that everyone needs to be aware of, but each week, the days get longer, and the outlook gets better.

Even so, we still have one last hurdle to overcome. The need to remove the re-entry Covid test back to the USA. It makes no sense anymore to hold onto this last vestige of caution and unjustifiable hurdle for travelers. Fully vaccinated travelers are not required to have a Covid test before entering Europe. 

To travel in the USA, you do not even have to have proof of vaccine. The only requirement is the wearing of a mask. Large gatherings often without a mask are pretty much ok and in the case of some states have been ok for months. 

When I last traveled to Europe. I traveled to the UK.  I needed a 2-day test (gone) proof of vaccine (remains) and then traveled to Spain (no test, but proof of vaccine) and from Spain I had to go to Italy where I needed a test (remains) and proof of vaccine (remains) and from there back to the UK where all I needed was proof of vaccine and a booked 2-day test (gone).  In the UK, I needed a test to return to the USA (remains).

The world has changed.  In a matter of 4 weeks, it has opened up. And travel…our beloved travel is back.  Let us hope the USA can now remove the pretest for returns to the USA.

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