Gare du Nord ☹ Charles de Gaulle ☹


It has to be strange to have the most beautiful city in the world accolade.  Unquestionably Paris.  And yet the most dreadful welcome hubs. Charles de Gaulle airport and Gare du Nord. Planes and trains. Why do they do it to us. Not a city in the European stratosphere has such bad opening acts. And that’s important. I would love to feel blown away at the beginning. The station or airport. I think of Heathrow and St. Pancras.  Fabulous and cities unto themselves.  The city of Paris is the goal scorer. Incredible and breathtaking. At evening light or in the harsh light of the day. Its stunning!  But it would be lovely to jump off the train at the Gare du Nord and feel…. wow.  Instead of Help!  To try to feel positive about Charles de Gaulle instead of wondering where the gate is and why am I in the wrong bit of the terminal. Come on Paris. Let’s be as sensational at the beginning as you are once the game kicks in!

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