African American Museum

Washington…The African American Museum Blew me Away

A weekend in DC…

It’s an iconic city. The monuments and the mall. The white house. The Capitol building. I think of great iconic cities. Paris, London, Rome, Athens, Barcelona.  They all have their iconic sights. Sagrada Familia, The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Acropolis and the Colosseum.  And here I am standing by the towering obelisk of the  Washington moment. Right opposite the African American museum.

It’s a stunning building in itself to an exhausting and often unresolved history. Today I walked  the centuries. I met a neighbor of our son in the playground near his house in Mt Pleasant. She worked there. She said it would take 4 hours. It took longer. I needed the meditation room to cool off. It was the strangest sensation. I have never been to a museum quite  like this. We came up from down. From the slave galleys to Oprah Winfrey. The longest walk I have ever made. Nothing compared to the real journey and still we need to remind ourselves. Never forget!

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